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  • For Women Who Have Been Wounded By Their Father

    For Women Who Have Been Wounded By Their Father

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Our Mission:

To provide a source of encouragement, healing, and practical wisdom for women who have been wounded by their father.

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6 Ways Unrealistic Expectations Hurt Your Husband

January 13, 2018 | Kia Stephens Without any effort, expectations latch onto us before we ever get married. He must always be romantic, meet all of our emotional needs, take out the trash, manage the finances and make sure we have a fantastic and consistent date night. Together, we will have well-behaved children, and live in an always clean and beautifully furnished dream home. Read More

How to Fix a Broken Record with Amena Brown Owen

January 8, 2018 | Kia Stephens

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in life, continually repeating the same habits and hangups in our relationships and choices. If you find yourself in a similar place join me for an intimate discussion with poet and author Amena Brown Owen as we talk about "How to Fix a Broken Record".

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How to Cultivate Relentless Hope

November 28, 2017 | Kia Stephens Disappointment visited me two weeks ago.  She didn’t knock or ring the doorbell.  Her arrival was rude and unannounced. Read More

Trading Wounds for God’s Lavish Love

November 21, 2017 | Kia Stephens   I had the opportunity to sit down with Lauren Gaskill of the Finding Joy Podcast.  In this episode we discuss how to grieve and heal from the scars and wounds our earthly fathers inflict on us, relying on God’s strength to help us forgive others and strategies for substituting the lies that tear us down with God’s truth that build us up. Read More

Take the Father Swap Survey

 The survey below was created in an effort to obtain on-going research regarding the relationships between fathers and daughters.  If you would be willing to participate in a 13 question survey please click the link below.

Father Daughter Survey

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