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Kia Stephens


March 18, 2015

How I Found God In a Toy Bin

March 18, 2015 | By | 2 Comments

Mornings looked like a hurricane on steroids as I scrambled to get my two little lightning bolts out the door.  I left no room for unexpected occurrences: sudden potty trips, lost keys, and temper tantrums (Argh!).  Ashamedly, I was notorious for not preparing the night before.

On one of those nights, my three year old conveniently lost the match  to his only decent pair of tennis shoes.    In hopes of avoiding the predictable morning mayhem, I looked everywhere  –  at least twice.  Fumes spewed out of my nostrils and left a smoky  path throughout the house.  

This week I am being featured at God – Sized Dreams.  Click here to read the rest of the post. 



  1. Kia,

    Left a comment at GSD’s site…Nice to meet you and thanks for introducing yourself at my blog.

  2. Loved this Kia…left a comment over at God-Sized Dreams, but thank you for sharing and linking up with #RaRaLinkup!

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