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Kia Stephens


July 11, 2017

How to Fall In Love With Your Husband. . . Again

July 11, 2017 | By | 6 Comments

I knew he was my husband on our first date. We were polar opposites: he a logical, mathematical genius and I a free spirited dreamer. At first glance we were an unlikely pair, but I soon discovered what people said about opposites was true: they attract.

He proposed after 6 months. God, in his sovereignty, crafted a much-needed intervention prior to our long awaited nuptials. Finally, after almost two intense years of counseling we crossed the threshold of singleness into what I thought would be a perpetual in-love-euphoria. But I was wrong.

I had not factored in the reality that neither one of us grew up in a two parent home. We had not witnessed what love looked like in the midst of work, stress, misunderstandings, trauma, kids, job loss, irritating quirks and crisis. We were like tourists in a foreign country trying to speak a language we did not know.

Overtime, life seemed to chip away at the infrastructure of our marriage like water on drywall. Eventually, we were left with an eroded semblance of the love we started out with. I found myself hurt, broken, angry, and disillusioned with my idealized wedded bliss.

I think this is the place many women find themselves right before they trade their “I do” for an “I don’t.” I don’t apologize. I refuse to wink at the underwear on the floor or put the toilet seat down. I’m tired of covering a multitude of sins. I’m done with this thing called marriage.

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  1. Excellent reading advice for married or single women. Everything worthwhile takes stamina. Since we all are selfish creatures we must pray to the one who made us so we can see beyond our own finite minds.

    • Very true. We need God to understand each other! Thanks for joining the conversation. Be blessed! – Kia

  2. Good stuff, Kia! Great reminders of the things that enable us to keep building into our marriages!
    Melissa Schlies recently posted…The Courage to StayMy Profile

    • Thanks Melissa. I know I have certainly benefited from this marital advice and will definitely rely on it in the future. Glad you joined the conversation today and be blessed! – Kia

  3. I learned similar lessons after I got married. I’m thankful for counseling and God’s help! It’s so worth it to hang in there.
    Heather Bock recently posted…In His Redemption, God Gives Us a New NameMy Profile

    • I agree Heather. It is in the praying, believing, and persistence that somehow God changes us and our spouses for His glory. I’m praying this post is an encouragement for every woman contemplating on giving up. Thanks for joining the conversation and be blessed! – Kia

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