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I am a firm believer in the benefits of counseling.  Whether you need a listening ear or professional advice, counseling provides you with an objective hearer who is legally bound to keep your information confidential.  A counselor is well trained and has adequate resources to assist you in working through your pain.  The deterrent for many people is that counseling seems to be an admittance of weakness.

Seeking the assistance of a counselor, on the contrary, takes courage.  It requires you to acknowledge you have a problem and take action to resolve it.  Many people would rather camouflage their issues and act like they don’t exist.  A choice to pursue counseling requires inner strength.

I will caution you by saying, a counselor cannot become your source.  God is your source and he has given wisdom and knowledge to counselors to assist you but not to replace HIM.  Below is a great tool created by Focus on the Family that has proven to be beneficial in my life.

Counseling Referral

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